Chad Bianco, Sheriff-Coroner

" The opioid epidemic has mostly been a silent, hidden killer. It's not a topic that many families wish to discuss. In law enforcement, we see families devastated as a result or prescription drug overdoses. Our Department works tirelessly with our youth to help prevent addiction, but we simply cannot do it alone. Those parents who have either lost a child to an overdose or have struggled with all that comes with parenting someone who is in the grips of an active addiction need our support...

I am proud to work with leaders like Congresswoman Mary Bono, Stacie Mathewson, and many others who take action and fight this problem at the root by preventing opioid addiction before it starts and supporting kids who have regained sobriety. Our nation's youth are at the forefront of this crisis and it's the work of many, like MAPDA, who truly make a difference...

As a father, I am thankful for groups like MAPDA who work around the clock to protect our youth."

-Chad Bianco

Riverside County Sheriff's Department //